People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People

We live in a world where, whether we like it or not, we run into people with different views of the world, beliefs, and opinions.

Every now and then, we realize that not all of their claims are equally legit. That became especially true in the times of the coronavirus pandemic when anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theory believers were on the rise.

So imagine when someone asked a seemingly simple question “What fact are you just tired of explaining to people?” on Ask Reddit. It hit a soft spot for too many people and you could see that sheer fatigue left by making sure people get their facts straight is a real thing. Below we wrapped up the most interesting responses.

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People

The difference between type I and II diabetes, two completely different diseases

Being a healthcare worker and sometimes even having to explain it to my coworkers is tiring

Xaort , Tima Miroshnichenko Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People That many Chinese people have my surname, but we’re not all related to Jackie Chan, just like how not every person with Johnson as their surname is related to Boris Johnson.

benjaminchang1 , zhang kaiyv Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People When out in public, I am not BABYSITTING my kids or GIVING MOM A BREAK. I am a dad and they are my kids. WTF is wrong with women over the age of 40 who say this s**t to men?

MaritimeMuskrat , Alex Bodini Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People That my lifelong history of depression has little to nothing to do with my relatively stress-free life. People are always saying, “What do you have to be depressed about?” Believe me, I wish it were that simple.

kippie10003 , Yuris Alhumaydy Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People You cannot reduce fat in a specific part of your body – none of those fitness influencer exercises to ‘burn belly fat’ or ‘kill your love handles’ do anything – to lose fat you must reduce your overall body fat % with a caloric deficit

fvaiz , Mathilde Langevin Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People Just because someone doesn’t always need their disability aids, that doesn’t mean they’re not disabled and faking it. Someone who needs a wheelchair to get around doesn’t always mean they can’t use their legs. They can still walk short distances.

pumpkinthighs , Marcus Aurelius Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People Historic life expectancy is heavily skewed by high infant mortality. If you got past 4 or 5 years old you had a good chance of making old age. People weren’t just dropping dead at 35!

NMonc10101 , Kelly Sikkema Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People Wifi does not equal internet, I’m mostly telling this to my kids lol. We frequently lose internet connectivity, but the wifi will be working fine. They will never understand.

chizmanzini , Solución Individual Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People Your opinion does not carry the same weight as an expert who has spent their entire life working on an issue.

az78 , Steve Johnson Report

People List 67 Facts They Cannot Be Bothered To Explain More To People I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I cannot just decide to not be anxious about stuff. I take medication because I can’t stop. Telling me to just “not worry about it” and “mind over matter” is not going to work. This is a medical issue I am actively being treated for. If I could just choose to stop I would.

Telling me “it’s all in your head” is also useless; of course it’s in my head. It’s a brain problem. Where else is it going to be.

EmiliusReturns , David Garrison Report

I’m a male and a nurse. No I don’t want to be a doctor. No I’m not going to school to be a doctor. No I don’t feel like less of a man because I’m a nurse and not a doctor. And stop calling me doc and doctor. I’ve told you 5 times I’m your nurse and my badge says NURSE in big letters.

ChaplnGrillSgt Report

That I really don’t want to eat meat. I’m not against it. Really, eat all you want. I just don’t like it anymore.

OhComeOn- Report

As a twin, no I can not talk to my twin through our minds. And yes we were born on the same day.

KilluaUkitake Report

I need ur effing identification information because we are at a bank. I don’t care who you say you are, you aren’t the person you’re claiming to be until I have proof.

You can’t just walk into the bank, ask for 10k and not expect to be verified. Stop giving me a hard time for protecting your money for you.

BayleafRulz Report

Tax brackets, no Jenny making an extra 5k does not mean the other 50,000 gets taxed at a higher rate. Only money in the higher bracket gets taxed at that rate not all previous money.

cptadder Report

Maintaining a safe following distance is the easiest thing to do to avoid accidents and yet most people aren’t doing it. It’s basically impossible to react in time to avoid an accident if you’re following less than two seconds behind someone. It doesn’t get you where you’re going faster. The accident will always be your fault. And finally, two seconds is way longer than most people think, most will count one second.

HalvJapanskFyr Report


“You work in IT, what phone should I get?”

“You work in IT, do u know why this app isn’t working”

We’re not all helpdesk or some sort of phone tech support, I promise.

dbzlucky Report

When you’re adjusting the temperature on a thermostat, you’re not changing the temperature of air that blows out. You’re just changing how long it’ll stay on for until it reaches that temp.

surprisefothermucker Report

A hour long youtube video about something does not mean that it is true. It could just mean that some crazy or stupid person posted a hour long video about nothing and you are now dumber for having listened to it and may god have mercy on your soul.

Pristine_Walrus40 Report

You cannot get a raise and wind up with a lower net income because of taxes.

Income taxes are *progressive*. The higher bracket does not apply to the money you make under the threshold.

(This is different from the welfare cliff, which is very real.)

TrooperJohn Report

Wheelchairs aren’t cheap, and “cheap” wheelchairs are not suitable for everyone, not suitable for hardly anyone in fact. It’s not a choice of a £30k wheelchair or a £300 wheelchair, it’s a choice between sitting in a chair that fits the needs of the user that enables them to be active in their life, or sitting in an unsupportive seat on wheels that physically harms the person until they’re out of it again.

NeverCadburys Report

How evolution works. Giraffes didn’t stretch their necks. All the ones with short necks repeatedly died before reproducing. Evolutionary filters require mass death and/or overpowering reproduction of a mutation.

Also, science isn’t a belief system. Its a method of repeatable testing.

MkLiam Report

Don’t get your mental health information from TikTok, facebook, or self proclaimed experts who aren’t professionally licensed.

I no longer offer a professional opinion anywhere outside of work, and that includes reddit. I’ve learned that 95% of the time, people don’t want to hear the facts, they just want to circle jerk about whatever reality they’ve conjured up in their heads, and if you correct them, they’ll be pissed off and then it’s a bad time for everyone

a psychiatrist

myfirstloveisfood Report

Stella Liebeck, the woman who won a lawsuit against McDonald’s over hot coffee, had every right to sue them. It’s been mocked so many times over the past 20 years with people ridiculing this woman and making it out like she’s some idiot who was surprised that coffee was actually hot and she was just attempting a money grab or something. In reality, the temperature of the coffee was f*****g ridiculous and there was no reason for it to be hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns on her legs when she spilled it. She had to have multiple skin graft surgeries and spent 8 days in the hospital where she lost 20 pounds. After that, she needed additional care at home and was partially disabled for the next two years. She had no choice but to sue to cover the cost of her surgeries. This happened a long time ago, but to this day, I still overhear people mocking this case or making references to it in jest.

theVoid1065 Report

Being an introvert doesn’t mean I’m shy. It means having a social battery which gets run down and sometimes becomes empty if I don’t have enough peaceful alone time to recharge it.

My job is peopley enough but at least I’m paid to be there. I actively avoid crowds on my time off.

Tategotoazarashi Report

“Share if you agree” on social media will never bring about any form of sweeping changes or reforms, and never will.

Changing your profile picture to a flag/person/KEY WORKER to show solidarity can sod off as well.

“Sending thoughts and prayers and positive energy”

Background-Factor817 Report

Hate against any race is hate; though not always systematic.

Hate against any sex is hate; though not always systematic.

If hate makes you feel good, you are part of the problem.

publicminister1 Report

That I don’t drink alcohol (any kind) simply because I don’t like how it tastes, I even find disgusting the smell

livkellner Report

It’s couldn’t care less, not could care less unless you mean to say you do care


Yes, libraries still exist, and yes people still use them, and yes we have things other than print books. Like free covid tests! A weekly vaccine clinic! Classes that are free!

SuperCatlibrarian Report

How algorithms are built to feed you only what you want to see and hear creating a bubble of ignorance toward everything else.

itsonlymeman Report

Basic financial math. I have had to go through and show people that they did, in fact, spend too much money, and that’s why they are broke.

teethalarm Report

Poison is not the same thing as venom. People call snakes poisonous when really they mean to say venomous. Venom has to be injected into the bloodstream (like a snake bite). Poison has to be ingested to enter your bloodstream. You could drink rattlesnake venom and your stomach acids would kill it, but if you put that same rattlesnake venom on an open wound or injected it for whatever reason- that’s gonna be a problem

CaptainPickcard Report

When it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa. Do you really think it’s winter all over the world at the same time?

ThePhoenixBird2022 Report

Comic Sans isn’t a bad typeface. It’s a well-made typeface that gets misused. Saying you hate comic sans is like saying you hate hammers because they can’t turn a screw.

fr33lefty Report

Harsh sentencing doesn’t deter crime. Study after study, decade after decade, this has been confirmed.

The most significant effect on deterring criminal activity is likelihood of being caught. Harsh punishment has a negligible effect.

iRonin Report

That migrants can’t all be here to BOTH steal our jobs AND claim unemployment benefits.

GreyFoxNinjaFan Report

Celiac is a real disease that millions of people have, including myself, and no it cannot be “cured” by eating bread.

Hellarad420 Report

That giving people rights does not remove your rights. You don’t get a free right to suppress people who are not like you.

BuT I dOn’T wAnT gAyS tO mArRy… Then don’t marry someone of your gender. You can still freely stay married to your opposite gendered spouse. It isn’t infringing on your rights. It bugs you that you can’t force other people to do what you want.

tyreka13 Report

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